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Danny Sherman

Fells Point Insider Danny Sherman
Fells Point Insider Danny Sherman
Danny Sherman, a DC-metro area natie, says that he's always loved Fells Point. Though he's lived there less than a year since moving to Baltimore from Montgomery County, he says he's been hanging out in the waterfront neighborhood his "entire life."

"Fells Point is like a small family. You can, for the most part, walk anywhere, and know everyone. It's not just a great meeting point for friends and family, Fells Point has the history no other township in the City of Baltimore has," he says, explaining what drew him to the neighborhood.

"It is like a non-stop whirlwind of things to do. I work all day, and coming home and being able to always find something to do, and always keeping busy, is amazing," Danny continues.

History everywhere

The thing that sets Fells Point apart of the 224 other neighborhoods in Baltimore and gives it it's unique flavor, according to Danny is that the area is steeped in Baltimore and American history, but at the same time offers everything a modern city dweller could want.

"The main aspect is how it is so historic, and really a center of the city. Its safe, fun, and like mentioned before, always something to do," he says.

"[I] enjoy the water, the nightlife, the food, and all the interesting people. No other area has all off that," he adds.

Shopping and partying til the break of dawn

Danny says that when it comes to shopping, he heads for the Fells Point Market because its "little shops are very fun." Fells Point Surf, Graphic Novelty, the Fells Point comic book store, and Sound Garden record shop are all frequent stops.

As for entertianment? Why, Danny says that its "everywhere" in Fells Point. "I frequent One Eyed Mikes, Blarney Stone, J.A. Murphys, Cats Eye, Friends, Lil Phils, Alexanders so many places to have fun at."

Grub time

Eating out is also a big thing in Fells Point, but Danny says he doens't look to his 'hood for fancy fare. It's casual eats all the way. "Red Star, Alexanders, Ding How, so many great meals there. I can't leave out Jimmy's and Blue Moon for amazing breakfasts."

But even with all that what makes Fells Point the best place to live in Baltimore, says Danny, are the "People. Water. Community. And never being bored. It is always on the move. Always something to do, and something to explore. No other area has that, and no other area has that character. Truly unique and fun."
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