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BreakAway, LTD

10150 York Road, Suite 250
Hunt Valley, MD 21030
BreakAway, Ltd. is a leading developer of entertainment games and game-based technology products. We create entertainment experiences that enable people to master skills and concepts in virtual worlds, and transfer this expertise to develop tools that provide game-based solutions for real world problems. BreakAway is changing the way people explore ideas, make decisions, teach and learn, and live their lives.

With more than 100 employees who have collectively shipped hundreds of titles in strategy, action/stealth, and sports games -- BreakAway has developed a core competency in creating tools for modeling, simulation, and visualization. The company has turned this expertise into the mosbe™ desktop development studio, a strategy-based platform designed to enable military, homeland security, medical, and corporate customers solve real-world problems with the situational realism and experiential engagement of game-based simulation.

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