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Sensics, Inc

7125 Thomas Edison Drive, Suite 103
Columbia, MD 21046
Sensics, Inc., is the panoramic virtual reality display company. Based on patented technology developed over nearly a decade of research, Sensics delivers upgradeable, lightweight, panoramic head-mounted displays that combine ultra-wide field of view and high resolution. Covering a wide range of performance and budget requirements, Sensics enables a new generation of virtual prototyping, training, visualization, entertainment, and remote presence applications.

Sensics' first product is a wide field-of-view, high-resolution headset called the piSight. piSight provides an immersive simulation platform without the need for room-based simulators. Manufacturers use the piSight to visualize products without building prototypes. The piSight makes an excellent training simulator for almost any vehicle or complex task. The founders developed the technology at Johns Hopkins.

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