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The rise of the rest: Startups look beyond Silicon Valley

Innovation and job growth in the tech industry are happening in far-flung places besides Silicon Valley. We take a look at four cities, including Baltimore, that are making a name for themselves. 

FDA approves Hopkins-invented eye implant

The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins will begin embedding a device this year that can restore vision to blind patients who suffer from an inherited eye disease. The FDA approved the groundbreaking device this month. 

Four growing companies to watch

They make games, sell "smart" gloves, provide weather information and supply green energy. Take a look at these four innovative companies to watch.

Slideshow: An Instagram Journey Through Baltimore

We've assembled a slideshow of Baltimore neighborhoods taken with the iPhone app Instagram. BmoreMedia's photographer has also taken an Instagram pic in Patterson Park — and the same photo with his Nikon D700. Can you tell which is which? 

Nurturing Success: Growth in Store for Towson Incubator

Clay Hickson, recently named executive director of TowsonGlobal Business Incubator, talks about its expansion plans. Hickson wants the incubator to be the hub of entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. 

Swimming Toward Success: Turning Marine Research Into Commercial Gold

A marine research institute at the University System of Maryland appointed a new director this month and is commercializing three of its technologies. Russell Hill talks about what's next at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Science. 

Wasabi Ventures CEO Digs Into His Baltimore Roots

You may have heard the name Wasabi Ventures a lot recently. The Silicon Valley venture capital firm has funded several Baltimore startups, thanks in no small part to its CEO's ties to Charm City. Learn more about Tom "TK" Kuegler. And yes, he's a fan of sushi. 

Tech Council's Jason Hardebeck Says Baltimore Needs to Fail

Baltimore's main networking group for the tech community shook things up last year when it appointed a new executive director, Jason Hardebeck. Now, he talks to Bmore Media about his plans to make the group relevant at a time when innovators are making connections on their own through social media. His ideas include giving members more of a say in where their money goes and providing mentoring opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. And he wants Baltimore to learn how to fail.

What do Jen Royle, Duff Goldman and Mike Brenner Have in Common?

Articles on food, startups, local celebs, design and solutions for urban blight were among readers' favorites in 2011. Take a look to see what stories made the cut.

Andrew Hazlett Seeks the Glue to Hold Baltimore's Tech Community Together

It is, perhaps, an "only in Baltimore" story. One entrepreneur writes a blog post with an idea to create an "Innovation Community Manager" for Baltimore. A few months later, Andrew Hazlett has the job. Here, Bmore Media's Renee Libby Beck tracks Hazlett down to find out more about how he got here and what he's up to.

My Baltimore's Next: Mary Hartney

Information is power, and in Mary Hartney's view it's access to information -- and a better understanding of how to use it -- that represents Baltimore's most pressing issue as we work to forge the future.

My Baltimore's Next: Brian Sierakowski

How do we establish a "more vibrant entrepreneurial culture" here in Baltimore? For Brian Sierakowski, Director of Business Development for the Greater Baltimore Technology Council, it's all about picking the low-hanging fruit.

Video Feature: Maryland's Biotech Scene

As the BioInternational conference takes place down in Washington, DC, Bmore Media dives into Maryland's thriving biotech industry with an eye on what makes the state an appealing destination for biotech jobs, research, and talent.

Wellness 2.0: Online Communities In the Face of Chronic Illness

New Media has always been only as important as its users make it. Certainly there's marginal value in a Twitter post about a great new restaurant or a Facebook pic of a birthday party. Such things, however, do little to add lasting value. In Baltimore and elsewhere there are people facing serious health troubles and finding in blogs, Facebook, and other online outlets a chance to build communities that wouldn't have been possible a decade ago. Here, Bmore Media's Katharine Schildt tracks down some of their stories.

Startup Scene: Meet Mike Brenner, Baltimore Entrepreneur

The tech scene in Baltimore has been on quite a run over the past few years (in case you missed it). One of many reasons why is the emergence of a highly motivated crop of young entrepreneurs. Meet Mike Brenner, one such Baltimorean. While you may not know his name, chances are you know at least one of his many projects. Bmore Media sat down with him to learn more.
43 Articles | Page: | Show All
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