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Medical Research and Innovation : Featured Stories

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FDA approves Hopkins-invented eye implant

The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins will begin embedding a device this year that can restore vision to blind patients who suffer from an inherited eye disease. The FDA approved the groundbreaking device this month. 

Nurturing Success: Growth in Store for Towson Incubator

Clay Hickson, recently named executive director of TowsonGlobal Business Incubator, talks about its expansion plans. Hickson wants the incubator to be the hub of entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. 

Healthy Growth: Wellness School Tai Sophia Seeks University Status

Students from around the nation come to Tai Sophia Institute to learn about herbal medicine, nutrition and acupuncture. As national interest in wellness grows, the Howard County school is adding new programs, growing enrollment and seeking university status. 

Video Feature: Maryland's Biotech Scene

As the BioInternational conference takes place down in Washington, DC, Bmore Media dives into Maryland's thriving biotech industry with an eye on what makes the state an appealing destination for biotech jobs, research, and talent.

The Land of Biotech Opportunity

Twenty years ago it was possible to travel the length and breadth of Maryland and miss the few biotechnology firms in the state. Fast forward to 2010 and in key regions of Maryland its hard to go down the street without tripping over one biotech company after another. We wondered what it is that's attracting researchers, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies to Maryland. So we sent a video crew out to find out.

In the Eye of the Beholder -- Beauty and the Brain

Beauty it has been said rests in the eye of the beholder. More correctly, what each of us finds attractive lies in our brains. A new exhibit at the Walters Art Museum hopes to help a Hopkins researcher ferret out the truth with a little input from you.

Women Taking the Lead -- Encore Path's Kris Appel

Kris Appel didn't have an idea so much as she had a vision and desire to lead, all she needed was the right technology. She found it and now she's ready to watch her company, Encore Path, and it's Tailwind device soar.


Breaking into the technology sector is no easy thing. [email protected]'s ACTiVATE program seeks to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs. In just 12 months they take mid-career women and give them the knowledge to create a startup focused on medical innovations and biotechnology.

Baltimore: A City Charmed for Business

Growth in the biosciences, IT, the impact of BRAC and Baltimore's proximity to D.C. are fueling a "second renaissance" in the region. With all that going for it, Baltimore offers fertile ground for companies looking for their first home or a new location for their HQ.
9 Articles | Page:
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