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American Dynamics Flight Systems Develops New Aircraft, Launcher

American Dynamics Flight Systems is working on big things for the military of the future. The  aeronautic technology company has developed both a new Vertical Take-Off and Landing unmanned aircraft and a next generation missile launcher.

The AD-150 unmanned aircraft features High Torque Aerial Lift technology designed to maximize control over the aircraft. It also features a modular mission payload design, to enhance the aircraft's usefulness in carrying different payloads. Company president Wayne Morse points out that the versatility of the payload system design is a a key factor in making the unmanned aircraft useable for a variety of missions.

"A UAV can't be a one trick pony. It needs to be able to carry different cargo and weapons," says Wayne Morse, president of American Dynamics Flight Systems.

American Dynamics Flight Systems is also testing a next generation launcher, the LH-320, designed to work with Predators and other drones. The launcher is intended for use with smaller munitions than the commonly used Hellfire missile, allowing the drones to focus more precisely on targets. Smaller munitions and more precise strikes would mean minimized collateral damage.

A native of New York, Mr. Morse chose Maryland as the home of his firm for several reasons, including proximity to Washington D.C. and the testing facilities available at Aberdeen Proving Ground and The University of Maryland. The AD-150 is being developed for the US Navy Air Systems Command.

"I chose Maryland because I want to be close to my clients. University of Maryland engineering has been a great to work with," says Morse.

American Dynamics Flight Systems will be building these next generation weapons at their production facility in Jessup.

Writer: Amy McNeal
Source: Wayne Morse, American Dynamics Flight Systems
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