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Capital Studios Offers Startups a Launchpad

The logistics of opening a new business can be tricky. When pursuing the idea to start a venture, entrepreneurs are faced with the choice of keeping overhead low by working from home, or engaging premises to have meeting space. That's where co-working environments like Capital Studios come into the picture.

"I travel a lot and have seen co-working spaces here and there. We wanted something very general that a lot of different groups felt comfortable in," says Mike Morris, a real estate professional who founded Capital Studios with partner Kevin Hollins.

Just opened on Bank Street, Capital Studios in The Tack Factory offers startups and entrepreneurs the opportunity to engage office space that's flexible and still affordable. Their open-plan space features modular work stations, equipped conference rooms, and office equipment. There's no concern for a budding business to get the utilities turned on or furnish an operating space. The decor is minimalist and modern. Work space, including access to conference rooms, can be rented on a daily or monthly basis.

"What this is really geared toward is the person working at a Starbucks who wants to have their mail delivered here, have a meeting, talk to the person sitting next to you," Morris says.

The newly opened facility has the capacity to provide the base for dozens of startup firms and small businesses. There are currently a dozen businesses based at Capital Studios full time. The current crop of small enterprises at Capital Studios has a tech focus. The list of firms calling Capital Studios home includes graphic designers, programmers, foreign currency traders, and members of the staff of the Baltimore division of Citybizlist.

Capital Studios is expanding the facility and will be offering additional work spaces in the near future.

Writer: Amy McNeal
Source: Mike Morris, Capital Studios

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