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CityCents.com Launches With New Spin on Local Deals

With local deal sites proliferating on the Internet as the latest business trend, it's important to do something to set a new site apart. That's the thought behind Edgewater-based Citycents. Rather than simply provide users with valuable offers, Citycents is the first pay-to-play local auction model allowing people to bid on the offers and win them at a fraction of the discount price. 

"We saw all the Groupon clones that are popping up everywhere and we wanted to put a unique spin on it. We thought the auction model would give us an opportunity to attract customers that are willing to score deals for just a few cents," says Brian Salta, Citycents

The site, launched last Wednesday, offers users two ways to purchase its deals. They can opt for the traditional method purchasing a deal for the listed discount price, or the site gives them the opportunity to take part in auctions of its daily discount deals.To participate in the auctions, users purchase bids, for 70 cents each, in bundles. All auctions start at zero dollars and there's no reserve. Each bid increases the auction price by one penny regardless of the cost of the deal. Bidders who don't win the auction also have the option to purchase the  deal for the "By It Now" price, cashing in their used bids for a discount on the deal price. Citycents also offer a variety of daily deals, another factor designed to set it apart from other deal sites.

"It gives us the opportunity to feature more merchants. We're in the process of working with local merchants in Baltimore and D.C. to bring our users more exclusive deals," says Salta.

Through its unique auction platform, Citycents says it helps the everyday consumer gain access and awareness to exceptional local and nationwide brands with deals at up to 99% off. Citycents deals are available in Baltimore and Washington, DC metropolitan areas and feature offers from local restaurants to spa services and events, including nationwide deals covering major brands such as Apple, Sony, Gucci, Burberry, and more.

According to Salta, the site has plans to offer deals in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, but needs to garner more interest from consumers in those areas before they can launch in those locations.

Source: Brian Salta, Citycents
Writer: Walaika Haskins

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