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A Growing Mobile Bartending Service for the Modern Party

One of the busiest places at any party is the bar. Keeping a well stocked and fully equipped bar in your home or business for events is challenging. Hosts in Baltimore can now turn to new mobile bartending service, Relax We'll Pour, to take care of their event needs with a fresh and modern take on parties.

The company has added a modern touch to traditional on-site bartending service in two ways. In addition to providing a bartender, accoutrements, and wait staff, Relax We'll Pour uses a sleek LED lit bar to bring a touch of modern technology to a client's party. Their LED bar lights up in 15 different colors, fades, flashes 7 different colors, and also has a strobe light.

"We're renewing the look of bartending by offering new LED bars to fit with the new age of technology," says founder Michelle Crittenden

Relax We'll Pour is also tapping into the the current trend for craft drink making inspired by popular TV shows like "Mad Men" by offering classes in bartending that bring the fun of old fashioned drinks to a client's home. The company will bring the bar and accoutrements to a private home, and a mixologist certified by the Maryland Bartending Academy will teach the art of drink making to guests.

"We bring the training to you in a fun and relaxed setting. We come in and show you and your friends how to mix while you're drinking, listening to music, and laughing," continues Crittenden.

The company's services are currently available throughout Maryland. As they continue to grow, Relax We'll Pour is looking to add additional certified bartenders and servers.

Writer: Amy McNeal
Source: Michelle Crittenden, Relax We'll Pour
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