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Breakaway Games' Virtual Reality Technology Featured in Washington Post

Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center are using virtual technology software developed by Hunt Valley's Breakaway Games to train medical students, the Washington Post reports.

iMedic creates a 3-D X-ray that allows physicians to perform virtual exams.

"This software exemplifies how the video gaming industry has penetrated academia, offering researchers and students a new way to understand techniques that aren't always easy to teach," the Washington Post writes.

"In pockets around the country, some video game companies are veering away from the entertainment industry to focus solely on creating what they call 'serious games.' One company, Breakaway Games in Hunt Valley, an East Coast gaming development hub just outside Baltimore, has switched completely in the past three years to developing only games for training. Its clients include the medical schools at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University."

You can read the story here.
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