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Gov. on Huff Post re: Md's commitment to stem cell research

Gov. Martin O'Malley took his message about Maryland's burgeoning stem cell research industry to one of the Web's top sites, Huffington Post.

Here's an excerpt:

In Maryland, our commitment to stem cell research is part of our BioMaryland 2020 initiative, the largest investment any state has committed to the life sciences. Just this month we opened the Maryland Biotechnology Center to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and we are putting a renewed priority on supporting the dreams of emerging bio-entrepreneurs. Whether it is our innovative bioinvestor tax credit, or our 23 technology incubators - one-third of which are biolab capable - we understand the challenges and unique needs of this industry because we understand the promise.

There are more than 400 bioscience companies doing business in Maryland, employing more than 26,000 people.

The Milken Institute ranks our bioscience assets among the highest in America. We lead the nation in the investments we make in the skills, talents, and ingenuity of our people - and as a return on these investments we have what Education Week magazine says are the best public schools in America, fueling one of the nation's most highly skilled workforces.

We rank first in per capita biomedical and health services workers. We have the highest percentage of doctoral scientists and engineers of any workforce in America. And we also have the second highest percentage of professional and technical workers.

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