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Baltimore's Kelly Bell Band making a name for itself among college circuit

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Baltimore-based The Kelly Bell Band continues to conquer audiences with its off-the-chart performances.

Here's a peek at what the band's been up to recently:

"The band plays at numerous colleges and festivals every year and performs "phat blues" music.

"We call it phat blues which basically gives us license to do whatever we want to do," said Kelly Bell, male vocalist and bandleader.

KBB's musical influences are diverse and include Muddy Waters, Black Sabbath, Nighthawk and Run-DMC.

"If you look at our iPods, the music we listen to is all over the place," said Freddie Loudon, KBB's bassist.

Originally, the band formed to travel with and open for famous musician Bo Diddley, but Kelly Bell is the one who brought everyone together.

Onstage, the band is full of energy and performs covers of Journey, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Clearance Clearwater Revival, Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five as well as several original pieces."

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