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Baltimore Burger Bar Relocating to New Spot on Hampden's Avenue

Baltimore Burger Bar, a restaurant specializing in farm-to-table 'foodie' burgers, plans to relocate  from its present location on the Avenue in Hampden to another spot on the same street with a larger kitchen.

Store Owner Anisha Jagtap says she is spending $50,000 on the move and renovation and hopes to open the new location by the end of September.
The new space is currently zoned as retail space and Jagtap will go before the city's zoning board Aug. 21 for approval.
Currently housed in a two-story, 1,400-square-foot space at 830 W. 36th St., Baltimore Burger Bar will relocate to 840 W. 36th St. to a 1,200-square-foot space.

Jagtap also plans to construct a 166-square-foot addition as well as provide outdoor seating, making the overall space larger and more conducive to table service. The additions and renovations are pending approval and are scheduled to happen along with the restaurant opening this fall. 

Jagtap says that in the current spot, table service is difficult because space is limited downstairs and guests have to sit upstairs. The new location will also have an upgraded kitchen. She says the landlord in the new location was more willing to work with her to make changes to the space, where that hopes to remain for the long-term.    
The Burger Bar sources their food locally and offers "not the average burger," Jagtap says. A current menu item includes "The Squash Blossom," which includes grassfed beef, stuffed squash blossom, smoked bacon, chevre, and strawberry basil ketchup.
At the new location, Jagtap plans to take a "classic French approach" to the menu that is still developing, and offer coursed dinners throughout the week. She also plans to add organic, cage-free chicken wings.
Additionally, Jagtap plans to add wait staff to double her staff from three to six.
Source:  Anisha Jagtap, owner and executive chef of Baltimore Burger Bar.
Writer: Alexandra Wilding, alexandra@bmoremedia.com

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