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BBC News Visits Lexington Market

In one of the more out-of-left-field examples you'll see of an "outsider's view" of Baltimore, BBC News recently visited Lexington Market to get a sense of how the US budget crisis is hitting home in Baltimore.

From the source:

This gritty, former port city is less than an hour away from the US capital by train.

But it feels a world apart from the glitz and power of the White House and Capitol Hill.

After weeks of partisan wrangling, Congress approved a plan that lifts the ceiling on how much money the US government is allowed to borrow in return for a likely 2.4 trillion dollars (£1.47tn) of spending cuts over ten years.

The worry for Baltimore is the debt deal heralds an era of government austerity that could reduce the flow of Federal funds to an already struggling local economy.

Read the full article here.
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