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Charles Village : Growing Companies

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Rooftop Communications Inc.

Founded nine years ago, Rooftop Communications LLC is a branding and marketing agency whose clients include Donate LIfe Maryland, Armada Employer Services and Amerigroup Real Solutions. 

2526 St. Paul St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

Luke Works

LUKE WORKS is a manufacturer of fine furniture, concrete counters, and specialized custom products. The company offers innovative products for contemporary spaces with a focus on quality, sustainability and design. The firm provides a design and build studio staffed by craftsmen and artists with a wide array of skills and experience. LUKE WORKS is a marriage of contemporary aesthetics and traditional construction sensibilities. They can provide design services and custom manufacturing for pieces from birdbaths to complete kitchens.

2321 Homewood Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218

Ark Sciences

Ark Sciences has a simple mission -- improving the wellbeing and welfare of animals. The company's commitment is the driving force behind their work today and will continue to play a primary role well into it's future.

1101 East 33rd Street, Suite B304
Baltimore, MD 21218

TerraLogos Energy Group

TerraLogos Energy Group performs Energy Audits and Energy Improvement Contracting to find and fix the hidden energy leaks in homes and buildings. Our whole-building approach delivers cost effective improvements which will save you money on utility bills, make your home or building more comfortable and healthy, and reduce your personal impact on the environment.

1500 Bolton St
Baltimore, MD 21217

4 Charles Village Companies | Page:
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