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Entrepreneurship: Growing Companies

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Green Roof Plants - Emory Knoll Farms

Emory Knoll Farms' Green Roof Plants is the only plant supplier that focuses exclusively on plants for extensive green roofs. They are experienced in working with different roofing systems, soil mixes, manufacturers & designers, and climates.

3410 Ady Road
Street, MD 21154


Gliknik Inc. is committed to the discovery and development of novel biomolecules for autoimmune diseases and cancer. The company capitalizes on its expertise in immunology and tumor immunology. Gliknik's lead compounds are novel T cell vaccines in clinical safety studies. Gliknik also has created recombinant mimetics of intravenous immune globulin and recombinant mimetics of monoclonal antibodies.

801 W. Baltimore Street, Suite 501A
Baltimore, MD 21201

engenium tecnologies corporation

Engenium Tecnologies Corporation (ETC) is an Electrical Engineering Design firm located in Columbia, Maryland. The company offers unique, wireless communication technologies, which serve government, civil, and commercial entities in many different ways from tracking hurricanes and marine mammals to a variety of Intelligence applications..

9030 Red Branch Road, Suite 210
Columbia, MD 21045


CargoTel is a transportation and inventory management company providing ASP and custom wireless and Internet solutions for transporters and storage companies. CargoTel services are web-based, and as a result, are cost effective, easier to implement, and do not involve any hardware expenditures or maintenance. CargoTel supports an array of verticals, but focuses onthe automobile transport, processing, and marshalling businesses.

866-CARGOTEL (866-227-4683)
2400 Boston Street, Suite 314
Baltimore, MD 21224


Fastspot is a small, woman-owned business with big ideas and an innovative and inclusive approach to using Internet technologies. The firm focuses on all aspects of the interactive process, from strategy to focus group sessions, information architecture to fully produced Websites and integration with content management system (CMS) solutions.

2026 E Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD 21231

Taharka Bros. Ice Cream

How do you change a community? Well, at Taharka Bros. Ice Cream they're doing it one scoop of ice cream at time, mentoring and training at-risk young men in Baltimore the ins and outs of business and how to fulfill their sweetest dreams.

7 W. Preston Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Blue Sky Factory

Blue Sky Factory offers both full- and self-service solutions to clients looking to maximize their e-mail marketing strategies. We're not sure if they do windows, too.

40 E. Cross Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

Sofi's Crepes

Sofi's Crepes proves the old adage that if you do what you love, then success will find you. Opened in 2004, what began as a standing room only creperie has grown to include not only seating for customers at the Charles St. spot, but additional locations in Downtown Baltimore, Belvedere Square and Annapolis.

1723 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-5801

83 Entrepreneurship Companies | Page: | Show All
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