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Fast CEOs -- Martin Roesch

Martin Roesch, Founder and CEO of Sourcefire, a Maryland-based cyber security firm, talks about starting his company in his livingroom, why the Greater Baltimore Area is a great place to launch a business and what you should do if you think you have a "great idea."

Fast CEOs -- Matt Goddard

The R2integrated CEO talks about building his business from just 5 employees to 60, what makes Baltimore a great community for the tech biz sector, and why the company plans to stay in Baltimore..

Changing Lives One Episode at a Time

Few TV series have helped to elucidate the plight of a city's underserved citizens the way HBO's The Wire has done for Baltimore. Now the show's cast, led by Sonja Sohn, have a new production that flips the script and gives new meaning to the term "Reality TV"

Baltimore's Top Chefs: Ted Stelzenmuller

Baltimore claims its title as THE place for all things blue crab-related with pride. But, in case you haven't noticed, the city's culinary scene has expanded way beyond crab cakes and sauerkraut. One chef leading the way? Ted Stelzenmuller.

Securing the Future - Maryland's Cyber Tech Scene

Is it Maryland's location? It's universities or colleges? It's skilled workforce? Or the innovative spirit of its leaders and entrepreneurs? Just what makes Maryland a burgeoning hub for cyber security firms?

A Natural Beauty

Carole Langrall sees more in nature than you or I. In flora and fauna, Langrall sees a world of artistic possibilities. They are more than just flower arrangements to Langrall and her admirers they are works of art.

Living Life in Technicolor

Some people see the world as black and white. Others are able to see the grey areas. Jose Villarubia looks at the world and sees a kaleidoscope of colors - reds, oranges, purples, blues, and greens - that bathe his work, the city and its artistic community in a vibrant glow.

Baltimore's Masterminds

Mayo Shattuck. Mayor Sheila Dixon. Peter Angelos. Baltimoreans immediately recognize these names. There are plenty of lists chronicling the business barons and established leaders at Baltimore's helm, but what about those operating a little closer to the edge? We've put together a list of fresh innovators who are rising stars in the artistic, health care, entertainment, and business communities in Baltimore, and it's time you knew their names too.

TEDx Mid-Atlantic -- Tells Stories to Inspire

It's an international phenomenon that showcases people with ideas worth spreading. The conference, held last Thursday at Maryland Institute College of Art, brought a host of speakers from the realms of government, health care, performing arts, and other cultural areas. How did Baltimore become the latest TEDx site? We've got the story.

Fast CEOs -- Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is not your typical CEO. Before headlining GBTC's Technite, we sat down with him to talk about how he got into the wine business, success the Internet, and what's next.

Igniting A Fire For Community

Creating communities and connecting with diverse groups of people is a challenge for most big cities. Even in "Smalltimore" the east side often doesn't know what's going on on the west side, or local artists aren't connecting with area businesses. As Baltimore gets ready for Ignite 4, we take a look at the entrepreneurial community-making spirit of Ignite.

Following the Green Path in Healthcare

As the source of tons of trash -- both medical waste and other garbage -- getting hospitals on the road to greener practices is vitally important. As in other industries, changing the mindset of the administration and employees isn't simple, but several area hospitals have taken the first steps down the path to sustainability.

MP3Car.com: From Web Ring to Global Business

For most technology companies, a Web site is typically the last stage of their development. Baltimore-based MP3Car.com took a different path, growing from a simple online forum into a business with a growing global clientele.
133 Articles | Page: | Show All
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