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Slow and steady wins the race for Baltimore area bike retailer

Store owners know how tough it is to beat the chains that undercut them. But one Baltimore area bike retailer has come out on top since it opened 35 years ago. Race Pace Bicycles now operates five stores and brings in between $8 million and $10 million in sales. 

Green office architect planning wind-generation deal

Architect and entrepreneur Stan Sersen has transformed a 1905 farmhouse on a former lumberyard into a modern office building called the Enviro Center. Now he is finalizing a wind-generation deal and an education initiative to teach environmental literacy to Maryland homeowners. 

Four growing companies to watch

They make games, sell "smart" gloves, provide weather information and supply green energy. Take a look at these four innovative companies to watch.

Environmentalists Hail Watershed Year

Several bills aimed at protecting Maryland's watersheds passed this year, but some say much more work lies ahead.

Photo Essay: the Beehive at InterContinental Harbor Court

For this month's photo essay, Bmore Media's Arianne Teeple went behind the scenes on the roof of downtown's InterContinental Harbor Court Hotel, where their recently installed beehive is bringing the green roof concept to life.

Prospects for a Greener Future on Display at the Maryland Clean Energy Summit

First annual event brings leaders from business, academia, and government together to focus on clean energy growth opportunities.

Baltimore's Green Masterminds

Green. It's about more than recycling or shopping at one of the area's farmers markets. For some it's not only a way of life, it's their full-time passion and they're working hard to help make Baltimore one of the greenest cities in the U.S. You might not know their names, but they're Baltimore's Green Masterminds!

The Inner Harbor: Going from Bio-don't to Bio-do

The Inner Harbor. It's the city's crown jewel, attracting visitors from around the world. There's just one small problem: the water. Known more for its impenetrable murky depths, fish kills, and algae blooms, some might say the term "Healthy Harbor" is an oxymoron. But, with the help of area citizens, the Waterfront Partnership says in 10 years that could all be history.

Fueling Up Baltimore's Economy

Monster Diesel has a simple plan - bring manufacturing jobs back to Baltimore and help save the environment. Why? Because Baltimore is a great city to live in and work, according to company VP Lou Petrucci.

Following the Green Path in Healthcare

As the source of tons of trash -- both medical waste and other garbage -- getting hospitals on the road to greener practices is vitally important. As in other industries, changing the mindset of the administration and employees isn't simple, but several area hospitals have taken the first steps down the path to sustainability.

Are Baltimore's Green Initiatives More Than Just Talk?

In Baltimore there has been a lot of green talk, a lot of green white papers and a lot of green promises. Talk, as they say, is cheap; so, is the city making good on its green agenda? And are there jobs in it for Baltimore residents?
11 Articles | Page:
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