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Three growing companies to watch

BmoreMedia takes a look at three Baltimore area startups that promise to revolutionize how we plan meals, meet people who share common interests and present academic information. 

The rise of the rest: Startups look beyond Silicon Valley

Innovation and job growth in the tech industry are happening in far-flung places besides Silicon Valley. We take a look at four cities, including Baltimore, that are making a name for themselves. 

Crowdfunding Jumpstarts New Ventures in Unlikely Places

As lending from banks and venture capitalists shrinks, many entrepreneurs have turned to crowdfunding to launch their startups. Using Kickstarter and other sites can also offer a valuable way to test new ideas and get exposure for a new company. But getting money from strangers requires a lot of planning. 

Step OUT: For Baltimore Innovation Week

Participate in networking events, lectures and conferences that celebrate innovation in Baltimore's tech community. 

Technology Makes Engineering Firm a Concrete Success

Maryland company Structural has helped preserve the buildings that house the National Aquarium in Baltimore and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. The company also plans to hire 100 over the next three years. 

Wasabi Ventures CEO Digs Into His Baltimore Roots

You may have heard the name Wasabi Ventures a lot recently. The Silicon Valley venture capital firm has funded several Baltimore startups, thanks in no small part to its CEO's ties to Charm City. Learn more about Tom "TK" Kuegler. And yes, he's a fan of sushi. 

Tech Council's Jason Hardebeck Says Baltimore Needs to Fail

Baltimore's main networking group for the tech community shook things up last year when it appointed a new executive director, Jason Hardebeck. Now, he talks to Bmore Media about his plans to make the group relevant at a time when innovators are making connections on their own through social media. His ideas include giving members more of a say in where their money goes and providing mentoring opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. And he wants Baltimore to learn how to fail.

What do Jen Royle, Duff Goldman and Mike Brenner Have in Common?

Articles on food, startups, local celebs, design and solutions for urban blight were among readers' favorites in 2011. Take a look to see what stories made the cut.

Prototyping Teaching at Education Hack Day

What does innovation in education look like? Education Hack Day will convene problem-solvers to work on educator-submitted problems and ignite an entrepreneurial spirit in Baltimore City education.

Parking Panda Aims to Make Parking "Happy" from its Baltimore Base

It’s one of the most irritating, maddening and persistent problems of city living – finding the ever-elusive “good parking spot.”  Startup Parking Panda found success at Startup Weekend Baltimore in the spring and money in New York over the summer. Now, its founders are back home.

My Baltimore's Next: Mary Hartney

Information is power, and in Mary Hartney's view it's access to information -- and a better understanding of how to use it -- that represents Baltimore's most pressing issue as we work to forge the future.

It Takes a Village to Raise an Artist: The Smart Textiles Class from MICA/JHU

The notion of "wash and wear electronics" might seem futuristic, perhaps a bit odd. Maybe it's both, but it's also alive and well here in Baltimore thanks to a joint teaching effort between MICA and Johns Hopkins. We went inside the Collaborative Smart Textiles Research Lab to find out what it means and how it works.

What cyber means in Baltimore

Over the past decade, "cyber" has become a catch-all term stuck in front of anything remotely related to IT or Internet technologies. It's come to mean everything but define nothing. That got us wondering what "cyber" really means in the Greater Baltimore Area. Here's what we found out.

For Joe Weaver success is the sweetest payout

It's a classic Baltimore tale of success. Joe Weaver decided to give up his day job with Price Waterhouse and follow his vison to create a company where technology and design would meet. His gamble paid off. Now his company, Global Design Interactive, has become a well-respected interactive marketing and communications firm.
24 Articles | Page: | Show All
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