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University of Maryland law school means business

The University of Maryland has revamped its law school curriculum so students are better prepared for the job market. Students learn how to read a balance sheet and learn what it takes to start a company. 

Opening Baltimore: OSI-Baltimore's 2011 Community Fellows

You can call the world your home. You can care about more than one place and learn lessons that apply globally from highly localized, community-oriented action. Open Society Institute-Baltimore operates with the goal of letting underserved communities know that they matter. Today, OSI-Baltimore announces its 14th class of Community Fellows.

Model Change: Wagonheim Law Stops Counting the Minutes

The phrase "billable hours" might very well strike fear in the heart of anyone seeking legal services. Baltimore County's Wagonheim Law is working to change that perception with its "Empty Hourglass" program.
3 Articles | Page:
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