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Investing in the environment pays off for Woodberry firm

Ecosystem Investment Partners raises money to restore and protect rural streams and wetlands. Developers and city agencies then buy credits from the company to fulfill federal environmental regulations. Learn more about this Baltimore company that is banking on the environment.

Crowdfunding Jumpstarts New Ventures in Unlikely Places

As lending from banks and venture capitalists shrinks, many entrepreneurs have turned to crowdfunding to launch their startups. Using Kickstarter and other sites can also offer a valuable way to test new ideas and get exposure for a new company. But getting money from strangers requires a lot of planning. 

Thinking of the City as a Startup

The editor of a sister publication tackles the question: Can we make cities better by treating them as startups? 

Wasabi Ventures CEO Digs Into His Baltimore Roots

You may have heard the name Wasabi Ventures a lot recently. The Silicon Valley venture capital firm has funded several Baltimore startups, thanks in no small part to its CEO's ties to Charm City. Learn more about Tom "TK" Kuegler. And yes, he's a fan of sushi. 

Social Enterprises Need New Funding Models

Many entrepreneurs dream of launching a venture that not makes money, but also benefits the community. But how do you get money for this? Our columnist tells us.

Prototyping Teaching at Education Hack Day

What does innovation in education look like? Education Hack Day will convene problem-solvers to work on educator-submitted problems and ignite an entrepreneurial spirit in Baltimore City education.

Parking Panda Aims to Make Parking "Happy" from its Baltimore Base

It’s one of the most irritating, maddening and persistent problems of city living – finding the ever-elusive “good parking spot.”  Startup Parking Panda found success at Startup Weekend Baltimore in the spring and money in New York over the summer. Now, its founders are back home.

The Benefits of Bootstrapping: Kwame Kuadey Talks GiftCardRescue

Even when he was still in business school, Kwame Kuadey knew that a slow climb up the corporate ladder wasn't for him. He knew that some day, when the right opportunity presented itself, he'd go off on his own. Today his startup, GiftCardRescue, has seven employees in Ellicott City and is poised to continue growing. And Kuadey did it all without a dollar of venture capital.

Startup Weekend Leaves Wake of Entrepreneurship in Baltimore

What does it take to start a company? Years of long days and late nights filled with fits and starts? Sometimes, sure. But maybe all one really needs is to get in a room for three days of intense collaborative effort with a strong group of like-minded individuals. Such was the scene at Startup Weekend, the latest example of Baltimore's strong (and growing) entrepreneurial spirit.

Turk of Tech: 24 Hours With Dave Troy

Spend even a little bit of time in or around Baltimore's technology and entrepreneurial communities and it won't be long before you hear the name Dave Troy. From his work with startups to efforts like Bmore Fiber and TEDx MidAtlantic, he's a driving force behind Baltimore's emerging economy. Last year, in partnership with Next American City, we set out to discover what it's like to walk a day in his shoes.

Video: Venture Capital in Maryland

In this video feature Bmore takes a look at the state of the Venture Capital scene in Maryland with Frank Dickson of the Maryland Venture Fund and Susan Aplin of recent VC recipient bambeco.com.

Tech Crawl East Showcases Baltimore Innovation At Its Best

Innovators, investors, and interested parties come together to celebrate and explore the best in Baltimore tech.

The Land of Biotech Opportunity

Twenty years ago it was possible to travel the length and breadth of Maryland and miss the few biotechnology firms in the state. Fast forward to 2010 and in key regions of Maryland its hard to go down the street without tripping over one biotech company after another. We wondered what it is that's attracting researchers, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies to Maryland. So we sent a video crew out to find out.

Maryland ponders its wealth of ideas

With more than its fair share of top-notch universities turning out one researcher after another with the next big idea, Maryland is flush with potential biotech companies. So what does the state need to do to make sure scientists and entrepreneurs can take full advantage of this embarrassment of riches?
14 Articles | Page:
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