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Hospitals practice the fine art of healing

Several hospitals in Greater Baltimore are using poetry, painting and other kinds of art to improve patients' moods, alleviate stress and take their minds off medical procedures. 

Mission Nutrition: Nonprofits Provide Healthful Foods

Many Baltimore City residents live in food deserts, where access to wholesome food is scarce. Several Baltimore nonprofits are placing farm-fresh produce in low-income neighborhoods and offering nutrition counseling.

Step OUT: For a Health and Wellness Conference

Do you turn to Western medicine or holistic health? A conference organized by the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Center for Integrative Medicine discusses ways to meld the two. Respected alternative medicine guru Dr. Andrew Weil is the keynote speaker.

Healthy Growth: Wellness School Tai Sophia Seeks University Status

Students from around the nation come to Tai Sophia Institute to learn about herbal medicine, nutrition and acupuncture. As national interest in wellness grows, the Howard County school is adding new programs, growing enrollment and seeking university status. 

Video Feature: Maryland's Biotech Scene

As the BioInternational conference takes place down in Washington, DC, Bmore Media dives into Maryland's thriving biotech industry with an eye on what makes the state an appealing destination for biotech jobs, research, and talent.

Wellness 2.0: Online Communities In the Face of Chronic Illness

New Media has always been only as important as its users make it. Certainly there's marginal value in a Twitter post about a great new restaurant or a Facebook pic of a birthday party. Such things, however, do little to add lasting value. In Baltimore and elsewhere there are people facing serious health troubles and finding in blogs, Facebook, and other online outlets a chance to build communities that wouldn't have been possible a decade ago. Here, Bmore Media's Katharine Schildt tracks down some of their stories.

Closing East Baltimore's Health Care Gap at Charm City Clinic

Affordable health care is as hot-button a topic as you'll find in America today. Yet while bureaucrats, politicians, and pundits wrangle over policy proposals in far-flung centers of power, the human truth of the issue can be all too easily lost. Not so at East Baltimore's Charm City Clinic, a grassroots effort to provide sustainable, neighborhood-based care to those who need it most.

GEDCO Gives Govans' Less Fortunate a Boost

Looking out for the less fortunate is one of our most profound responsibilities as a society. We talked to the folks at the Govans Ecumenical Development Corporation (GEDCO) to find out how they're taking that responsibility seriously every day.

The Land of Biotech Opportunity

Twenty years ago it was possible to travel the length and breadth of Maryland and miss the few biotechnology firms in the state. Fast forward to 2010 and in key regions of Maryland its hard to go down the street without tripping over one biotech company after another. We wondered what it is that's attracting researchers, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies to Maryland. So we sent a video crew out to find out.

On Pins and Needles

Not too long after she became an acupuncturist, Cara Michele noticed something -- women were not taking care of themselves. An unhealthy women means an unhealthy family, so she set out to help women make a change. Part of our "Women Taking the Lead" series, read how Cara Michele is helping women find their way back to wellness.

Bob Duggan

Bob Duggan, president and co-founder of Tai Sophia, sees a world focused on wellness, not disease. He sees a Maryland -- and even a nation -- where a better understanding of our bodies and how we "generate symptoms" will lead to a healthier population. He sees a Baltimore City where parents can let their children walk to school without fear. He sees a better a world and is using his school to make his vision a reality.

Women Taking the Lead -- Encore Path's Kris Appel

Kris Appel didn't have an idea so much as she had a vision and desire to lead, all she needed was the right technology. She found it and now she's ready to watch her company, Encore Path, and it's Tailwind device soar.

Baltimore's Masterminds

Mayo Shattuck. Mayor Sheila Dixon. Peter Angelos. Baltimoreans immediately recognize these names. There are plenty of lists chronicling the business barons and established leaders at Baltimore's helm, but what about those operating a little closer to the edge? We've put together a list of fresh innovators who are rising stars in the artistic, health care, entertainment, and business communities in Baltimore, and it's time you knew their names too.

Following the Green Path in Healthcare

As the source of tons of trash -- both medical waste and other garbage -- getting hospitals on the road to greener practices is vitally important. As in other industries, changing the mindset of the administration and employees isn't simple, but several area hospitals have taken the first steps down the path to sustainability.
16 Articles | Page: | Show All
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