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Baltimore Nonprofits Prepare for Aging Boomers

In 2030, one in four Maryland residents will be age 60 or older. Local nonprofits are paving the way to help seniors of today and tomorrow become more active and independent -- and hopefully rely less on the cash-strapped government and an already stressed health care system. They are offering volunteer opportunities, transportation and building a new style of nursing homes.

Opening Up To a New Audience

Can free tickets and the use of social media draw younger audiences to the stage? Philip Arnoult, founder of the Theatre Project, and Buck Jabaily, co-founder of Single Carrot Theatre, are about to find out. The pair have launched Baltimore Open Theatre with seed money from the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation. Performances will begin this fall in either the west side or Station North.

What do Jen Royle, Duff Goldman and Mike Brenner Have in Common?

Articles on food, startups, local celebs, design and solutions for urban blight were among readers' favorites in 2011. Take a look to see what stories made the cut.

Bmore Media Readers Weigh In on "Diner," Male/Female Sculpture

Bmore Media readers share their views on two Baltimore works of art: the movie "Diner" and the "Male/Female" sculpture.

Win Tickets to See "Diner"

It's the 30th anniversary of Baltimore-born Barry Levinson's "Diner" and Bmore Media is giving away tickets to a Dec. 10 screening of the film and a conversation with the director. Find out how you can win.

Of Small Ponds and Big Ambitions

Film directors usually depict small towns as either Norman Rockwell-esque fantasies or intellectually stifling places full of small-minded people. But life in these places has a distinct rhythm and is full of individual stories that present a much deeper picture to those who care to look. Baltimore filmmaker Josh Slates aims to bring a more robust image of small-town America to moviegoers with his first feature film, Small Pond.

Puree By the Pedal

What's the human equivalent of the energy it takes to power a blender? Entrepreneur Natan Lawson helps us find out by bringing bike-powered smoothies to Baltimore.

A College Kids' Guide to Baltimore

It's that back-to-school time of year with colleges and universities around the city welcoming the class of 2014. It's hard enough for new students to find their way around campus, much less around a new city. So, we've come up with a guide that'll help the newbies -- and even returning students -- get around town to grab a bite or have some fun.

A great meal + community + a great idea = STEW

How does a community better itself? By encouraging residents to get involved. What's the best way to encourage involvement? A good meal, of course. That's just one of the secret ingredients behind the success of Baltimore's STEW dinners -- good food, transparency and choice.

It's happening in Bmore! July 20-26

Now that Artscape has come and gone, it's time to focus your attention on other artistic pursuits. There's Whartscape, of course, but if you'd like to try something with air conditioning step on over to the BSO as the orchestra celebrates two sons of Baltimore -- Frank Zappa and Philip Glass -- while showcasing Baltimore beatboxer, Shodekeh. We've also compiled a list of the areas outdoor movie venues for those who love watching great flicks under the stars.

Building Up Baltimore -- Evan Morville

As a partner at Seawall Development Corp., which was honored by the Urban Land Institute for its Millers Court residential complex for teachers, Evan Morville believes that revitalizing Baltimore begins with communities. He talks to us about the city's resurgence and why he thinks the city is on track to make a bigtime comeback.

Singing Loud and Proud About Baltimore

A song can make you tap your toes and clap your hands. A good song can take you back to the first time you heard it. A fantastic song can take on a life of its own, inspiring others to great works. Would it surprise you to know that Baltimore has just such a song?

Baltimore -- Where the Living Is Easy

In some cities like DC, NY and LA living like a millionaire takes much more than $1 million. New transplants and long-time residents alike, however, have discovered that it takes a lot less loot to live well in Bmore.

It's a Big World and Baltimore is Staking Its Claim

As The Port of Baltimore welcomes another record-breaking year of foreign trade, Baltimore's harbors, nonprofits and universities continue to carve their niche in the world economy.

Juxtopia: Looking Toward the Biotech Future

Jayfus Doswell, head of Juxtopia, is creating biomedical technologies to boost human performance. He's also using his ambitions to give back to his native Baltimore.
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