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Photo Essay: Maryland Historical Society

Bmore Media Managing Photographer Arianne Teeple captures notable architectural details and exhibits at the 167-year-old Maryland Historical Society museum and library in this photo essay. She highlights pieces from the Mount Vernon attraction's folk art collection and an exhibit that takes a look at Maryland’s role in the Civil War. She also takes photos from its War of 1812 collection, which will take on greater significance this year as 2012 marks the war's 200-year anniversary.

What do Jen Royle, Duff Goldman and Mike Brenner Have in Common?

Articles on food, startups, local celebs, design and solutions for urban blight were among readers' favorites in 2011. Take a look to see what stories made the cut.

Photo Essay: B&O Railroad Museum's Festival of Trains

All aboard! Billing itself as Baltimore's largest collection of holiday trains and toys, the B&O Railroad Museum's latest exhibit runs through the end of the month. The collection features a LEGO toy train created by the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO Train Club. New this year is the late William Donald Schaefer's holiday memorabilia and an indoor train carousel ride. Enjoy the journey through the lens of Bmore Media Managing Photographer Arianne Teeple.

Who Likes That 51-foot Sculpture in Front of Penn Station?

Bmore Media's new Managing Editor shares her opinion of the city's most controversial work of art.

Photo Essay: the BMA Sculpture Garden

Join us as Bmore Media Managing Photographer Arianne Teeple takes a fresh look at one of Baltimore's coolest hidden gems, the sculpture garden at the BMA.

Fells Point's TAG Galleries Brings Art Appreciation to Street Level

To be an "art collector" likely seems, to most, an abstraction. Rarefied air, reserved for captains of industry and cashed-out entrepreneurs. Fells Point's TAG Galleries is changing that. By offering high-quality reproductions of contemporary works of art, brothers Ian and Cory Woods are forging a new market. Bmore's Staci Wolfson visited TAG to learn more.

Green Space Takes, and Makes, the Stage at Irvine Nature Center

Though it sits just outside the northwest corner of the Beltway, Irvine Nature Center could be a different world -- one in which the city that is in reality only a few miles away might as well not exist at all. Bmore's Renee Libby Beck goes behind the scenes at Irvine to discover what it has to offer and find out how it's weathering difficult economic times.

The Shamans of Eastern Avenue

Mexican artist Paco Loza established Baltimore as his American base through visits and exhibitions throughout the years. Now, he's begun a tradition of bringing his Huichol Indian friends from their mountain homes to Highlandtown's Creative Alliance, to represent their people through art.

First In the Manufacture of Straw Hats: The Past and Future of Baltimore Industry

Baltimore's industrial past is present at every turn, woven into both our infrastructure and our DNA. Yet one would be hard pressed to accurately describe present-day Charm City as a manufacturing town. What happened, and where do we go next? The answers lie in understanding the lessons of the past and adapting to a new and possibly better future.

Baltimore in Winter: a Look Back, a Look Ahead

With the mercury hovering right around freezing as we enter 2010's home stretch, it's officially winter in Baltimore. We decided to take the opportunity to look back at some of the traditions and rituals that help make this city what it is, then invite you to join us on Facebook and Twitter to share some memories and ideas of your own.

Mobtown Modern Makes a Name For Baltimore's Contemporary Music Scene

What do you do when the kind of music you enjoy and would like to hear simply isn't being staged in your area? For Brian Sacawa the answer was simple: make it happen. Today he's the curator of the Contemporary Museum's Mobtown Modern Music Series, through which he's rapidly turning Baltimore into a contemporary music hub. Read on to find out how.

Baltimore's art community paints a pretty picture of the Baltimore economy

In the wake of another successful Artscape, it's hardly necessary to point out that Baltimore has a thriving arts community. It is worth mentioning, however, that Charm City's ar ts community has a large impact on the City's overall economy, its neighborhoods and its development.

In the Eye of the Beholder -- Beauty and the Brain

Beauty it has been said rests in the eye of the beholder. More correctly, what each of us finds attractive lies in our brains. A new exhibit at the Walters Art Museum hopes to help a Hopkins researcher ferret out the truth with a little input from you.
28 Articles | Page: | Show All
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