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Mobtown Modern Makes a Name For Baltimore's Contemporary Music Scene

What do you do when the kind of music you enjoy and would like to hear simply isn't being staged in your area? For Brian Sacawa the answer was simple: make it happen. Today he's the curator of the Contemporary Museum's Mobtown Modern Music Series, through which he's rapidly turning Baltimore into a contemporary music hub. Read on to find out how.

Green For a Day: Bmore Metered Parking Enjoys a Temporary Boost In Curb Appeal

PARK(ing) Day gives Baltimore's urban landscape a fresh touch of green.

A College Kids' Guide to Baltimore

It's that back-to-school time of year with colleges and universities around the city welcoming the class of 2014. It's hard enough for new students to find their way around campus, much less around a new city. So, we've come up with a guide that'll help the newbies -- and even returning students -- get around town to grab a bite or have some fun.

A great meal + community + a great idea = STEW

How does a community better itself? By encouraging residents to get involved. What's the best way to encourage involvement? A good meal, of course. That's just one of the secret ingredients behind the success of Baltimore's STEW dinners -- good food, transparency and choice.

It's happening in Bmore! July 20-26

Now that Artscape has come and gone, it's time to focus your attention on other artistic pursuits. There's Whartscape, of course, but if you'd like to try something with air conditioning step on over to the BSO as the orchestra celebrates two sons of Baltimore -- Frank Zappa and Philip Glass -- while showcasing Baltimore beatboxer, Shodekeh. We've also compiled a list of the areas outdoor movie venues for those who love watching great flicks under the stars.

Betascape highlights vibrancy, creativity of Baltimore's tech community

Including a technology showcase in the nation's largest free arts festival may leave many arts lovers scratching their heads. Baltimore's tech community doesn't think combining the two is strange at all. In fact they see Betascape, the latest addition to Artscape, as their coming out party, demonstrating to area residents and the rest of the country that Bmore's tech scene is badass.

It's happening in Bmore!

What's on tap for the coming week? How about a taste of Baltimore's top winemakers, beer brewers and chefs. As if that wasn't enough, there's another free way to get from here to there as the Charm City Circulator adds a new route.

Women Taking the Lead -- PNC's Watchen Harris Bruce

Watchen Harris Bruce has only lived in Baltimore for a few years, but in that time she's started a non-profit to help those with mental illness find a place in the workforce and been appointed the Commissioner for Liberia to the Governor's Commission on African Affairs. And, as though that wasn't enough, she's the assistant vice president and community development advisor at PNC Bank. We managed to catch up with Bruce, though it wasn't easy keeping up with her.

Igniting the Spirit for Change

It doesn't take much to ignite a fire that can help change a city. That's the philosophy behind Ignite Baltimore's Ignition Grant program. While Ignite is all about starting conversations, the Ignition Grant winners want to get us thinking and out on the trail.

Singing Loud and Proud About Baltimore

A song can make you tap your toes and clap your hands. A good song can take you back to the first time you heard it. A fantastic song can take on a life of its own, inspiring others to great works. Would it surprise you to know that Baltimore has just such a song?

Will Noel - Giving Life to Tales of Old

Will Noel, curator of Manuscripts and Rare Books at The Walters Art Museum, shares the story of how he became a curator, the beauty he finds in rare manuscripts and books, and how he makes these stories of times gone by relevant for today's audiences.

In the Eye of the Beholder -- Beauty and the Brain

Beauty it has been said rests in the eye of the beholder. More correctly, what each of us finds attractive lies in our brains. A new exhibit at the Walters Art Museum hopes to help a Hopkins researcher ferret out the truth with a little input from you.

What Baltimore Has That Pittsburgh Wants

Ever wonder what a visitor thinks about Baltimore? Or what another city might want that we have? Our sister publication, Pittsburgh's Pop City, took a look at our city. Here's what Pitt wishes they had...

Spectacle: A Monumental Holiday Display

Baltimoreans gathered last Thursday to take part in the annual light of the Washington Monument. The uniquely Baltimore event kicks-off the city's holiday season. If you couldn't make it, check out what you missed.

Living Life in Technicolor

Some people see the world as black and white. Others are able to see the grey areas. Jose Villarubia looks at the world and sees a kaleidoscope of colors - reds, oranges, purples, blues, and greens - that bathe his work, the city and its artistic community in a vibrant glow.
62 Articles | Page: | Show All
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