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Three growing companies to watch

BmoreMedia takes a look at three Baltimore area startups that promise to revolutionize how we plan meals, meet people who share common interests and present academic information. 

Four growing companies to watch

They make games, sell "smart" gloves, provide weather information and supply green energy. Take a look at these four innovative companies to watch.

Step OUT: To Help Reshape Charm City

Join artists, intellectuals, public health officials and innovators as they explore ways to reenergize the urban lanscape in Baltimore.  It takes place Jan. 25 at Morgan State University. 

In Good Company: Coworking Spots Cater to Solo Workers

Tired of hearing their dog bark and seeing dirty dishes in the sink, some independent workers are fleeing the distractions of home for shared office space. 

Step OUT: For Baltimore Innovation Week

Participate in networking events, lectures and conferences that celebrate innovation in Baltimore's tech community. 

Step OUT: For an 'Exploratorium' on Art and Technology

Head down to MICA next month to learn about the intersection of art and technology. The 3rd annual Betascape takes place Sept. 22-23. 

Doing Business with Friends: Friends of the Web Makes its Mark on Baltimore

Friends of the Web is a company whose name describes it well -- four best friends taking on web design and product development. Instead of carving out what would certainly be a difficult path in the tech world of Silicon Valley, Friends operates out of a rowhouse in Fells Point, where the 20-somethings work, eat, and sleep. A recipe for disaster? Try a formula for success.

Andrew Hazlett Seeks the Glue to Hold Baltimore's Tech Community Together

It is, perhaps, an "only in Baltimore" story. One entrepreneur writes a blog post with an idea to create an "Innovation Community Manager" for Baltimore. A few months later, Andrew Hazlett has the job. Here, Bmore Media's Renee Libby Beck tracks Hazlett down to find out more about how he got here and what he's up to.

Wellness 2.0: Online Communities In the Face of Chronic Illness

New Media has always been only as important as its users make it. Certainly there's marginal value in a Twitter post about a great new restaurant or a Facebook pic of a birthday party. Such things, however, do little to add lasting value. In Baltimore and elsewhere there are people facing serious health troubles and finding in blogs, Facebook, and other online outlets a chance to build communities that wouldn't have been possible a decade ago. Here, Bmore Media's Katharine Schildt tracks down some of their stories.

The Benefits of Bootstrapping: Kwame Kuadey Talks GiftCardRescue

Even when he was still in business school, Kwame Kuadey knew that a slow climb up the corporate ladder wasn't for him. He knew that some day, when the right opportunity presented itself, he'd go off on his own. Today his startup, GiftCardRescue, has seven employees in Ellicott City and is poised to continue growing. And Kuadey did it all without a dollar of venture capital.

Startup Scene: Meet Mike Brenner, Baltimore Entrepreneur

The tech scene in Baltimore has been on quite a run over the past few years (in case you missed it). One of many reasons why is the emergence of a highly motivated crop of young entrepreneurs. Meet Mike Brenner, one such Baltimorean. While you may not know his name, chances are you know at least one of his many projects. Bmore Media sat down with him to learn more.

Baltileaks: New Media Targets Old Ways

By now you've likely heard of Baltileaks, the anonymous group seeking to harness new media as a means of bringing enhanced transparency and accountability to city government. They've pulled an impressive feat in generating a great deal of discussion and coverage in a very short amount of time. Whether it's a disruptive force for good or simply a blip on the radar, however, is another issue entirely.

A solution to a common problem turns covering up into big biz for M-Edge Accessories

How many of us have thought of a way to improve a device or tool we use? Problem is most of us let the idea slip away and then kick ourselves when we see a finished product that's eerily similar to our idea on store shelves. Patrick Mish of M-Edge Accessories took the road less traveled. And now he, his wife, and a small group of their friends are covering iPads, Nooks, and Kindles.

What cyber means in Baltimore

Over the past decade, "cyber" has become a catch-all term stuck in front of anything remotely related to IT or Internet technologies. It's come to mean everything but define nothing. That got us wondering what "cyber" really means in the Greater Baltimore Area. Here's what we found out.

For Joe Weaver success is the sweetest payout

It's a classic Baltimore tale of success. Joe Weaver decided to give up his day job with Price Waterhouse and follow his vison to create a company where technology and design would meet. His gamble paid off. Now his company, Global Design Interactive, has become a well-respected interactive marketing and communications firm.
25 Articles | Page: | Show All
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